Liens and Violations

Are you dealing with violations on your home or property? Has a violation now become a lien? A lien that is accruing penalties and growing on a daily basis? Cities or counties can impose violations and liens on a home or property for any number of reasons making it more difficult to sell your property. Over time, you could be on the hook for thousands upon thousands of dollars. In a conventional sale a buyer’s lender will want the title to your home or property to be free and clear of any and all encumbrances. A conventional buyer cannot move forward until you fix the problems, and that can cost you money, lots of time remedying the situation, and the potential for a lost sale.

Cities or counties can issue violations and fines to a homeowner for any number of reasons, including but not limited to…

  • Uncut grass and an unkept yard
  • Accumulating debris or trash around the property
  • Unpermitted and illegal additions or other types of construction
  • Failure to remove an unsafe structure
  • Illegal signage
  • Junk cars

Additionally, unpaid property taxes become a lien on the property and if not eventually paid and could lead to the house being sold at auction.

Cash Home Buyer Florida buys houses with violations and liens and then works out an amicable solution with the City or county to resolve the problem.

Violations Lien, Cash Home Buyer Florida

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