5 Tips to Help if You Have Inherited a Hoarder House in Tallahassee

5 Tips to Help if You Have Inherited a Hoarder House in Ormond Beach

While hearing that you’ve inherited a house may sound like a windfall, you may have a very different perspective when you discover that you’ve inherited a house owned by a hoarder. There are unique considerations when inheriting a house from a hoarder. Hoarders place value on possessions that no longer serve them. They fill their homes with these items. In addition, these homes pose a fire hazard to surrounding properties and any occupants. Exits are difficult to reach and are a health hazard because they attract rodents. 

While a loved one may have had the best intentions when leaving their home to you, unfortunately, the amount of work ahead can leave you feeling overwhelmed. So read on as we explore these five tips to help if you have inherited a hoarder house in Tallahassee.

Take Up Residence

Our first tip if you have inherited a hoarder house in Tallahassee is to consider taking up residence. However, moving into a home in this condition is not easy. You’ll need to get the house ready, including cleaning and repairs. In addition, with piles lining every available space from floor to ceiling, it can be difficult to assess the condition of a property. For example, you might not be interested in the property as a place to live. In that case, by selling directly to a local cash investor like those at Cash Home Buyer Florida, you can forget about making the repairs and doing the prep work or passing an inspection. A cash investor from Cash Home Buyer Florida will buy your fixer-upper “as is” for cash.

Rental Property

Another tip is to consider making it a rental property if you’ve inherited a Tallahassee fixer-upper. As a landlord, it helps to be a people person because you are now dealing with people in the real estate investment business. Missteps in this area can be extremely costly, and owning an investment property requires following all local, state, and federal laws regarding tenants. In addition, you should have a rigorous tenant screening process in place and ensure you keep your documents and records organized to take full advantage of any tax benefits that may be available. When your tenants call, you should also be prepared to respond quickly to emergencies, day or night. Cash investors like those from Cash Home Buyer Florida work with top-notch property managers. They can help you avoid the costs of unwanted tenants.


If you’ve inherited a hoarder house in Tallahassee and decide to sell the property. The showing process, which requires sellers to prepare the property to sell for the highest possible profit, is one of the cornerstones of conventional real estate sales. Or maybe you’ve considered preparing the home, listing it as an FSBO, and selling it yourself to save commissions. However, there are many reasons why FSBO sales rarely work out in the seller’s favor. These include limited marketing and a failure to screen buyers properly. So our next tip is to sell by working with local cash investors like Cash Home Buyer Florida, who will buy your foreclosed home and pay you a fair market value without charging any real estate commission.

Holding Costs

Suppose you have inherited a Tallahassee foreclosure. Another tip is understanding the property’s costs, such as the mortgage, taxes, insurance, and utilities. These costs add a financial burden to your life. In addition, there is the emotional cost of the loss of precious time with family and friends while you do the monumental task of digging through the piles and cleaning the house. Hiring professionals to do the job may be worthwhile. However, if you’re pressed for time or the financial burden is too much and you want to sell, a cash investor like those from Cash Home Buyer Florida will provide you with a guaranteed closing date, with no closing costs, in just a few days.

Cash Home Buyer Florida

If you have inherited a Tallahassee fixer-upper, a direct sale to a cash investor at Cash Home Buyer Florida is the best bet. A cash investor from Cash Home Buyer Florida will walk you through the process will take the time to listen to you and will answer any questions or concerns that you may have without any obligation on your part. Start with a cash investor from Cash Home Buyer Florida if you’d like to know what you could gain from a listing versus a direct sale. Because we want you to feel good about working with us long after the closing, Cash Home Buyer Florida has a policy of complete transparency. So you can make an educated decision about what works best for you, Cash Home Buyer Florida’s cash investors will lay all the numbers out on the table, detailing the costs and profits of each sales method. If you have inherited a hoarder’s house in Tallahassee, why not talk to one of the cash investors at Cash Home Buyer Florida today? Call Cash Home Buyer Florida today at (386) 383-2085.

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