Cherokee Beautification Project

This was a house that came to me through a referral. A family of 8 needed to relocate immediately to Tennessee for a job opportunity and needed to cash out quickly. I was immediately attracted to the fact that the house was concrete block constructed and that it was elevated off the road, so it … Continued

Homeowners Insurance 101: A Guide for Homebuyers in Key West

Buying a home in Key West is a dream come true for many, but protecting that investment with the right homeowners insurance is crucial. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the essentials of homeowners insurance, ensuring your new paradise home is well-protected. Homeowners insurance. You know you should probably have it, and if … Continued

How to Make Sure Your Contractor is Insured in Apalachicola

You’ve wanted to renovate your cramped, outdated kitchen for ages. Or perhaps you are deciding between staying in your home after major damages or selling and walking away from some potential pricey repairs. Like many, asking around among friends and co-workers may initially help find and hire a contractor, but making sure your contractor is … Continued

What is Market Value vs Assessed Value in Kendall

When it’s time to sell your Kendall home, there can be some confusion when determining the value. If you REALLY want to know what it is worth, you can pay to have an appraisal done. An agent should be able to provide you with detailed CMA reports, letting you know what is going on in … Continued
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