Are you a tired landlord? Tired of getting that 2:00 am wakeup call from your tenants telling you that the toilet is clogged or that there’s a leaking pipe? Or that the heat or the air conditioning is not working? Are you tired of making the same repairs over and over? Maybe your property manager is not performing as you expected. Maybe your expenses have increased while your rents have remained relatively the same. Perhaps your tenants constantly pay the rent late. Or maybe you’re tired of evicting tenants. Perhaps you’re just looking to cash out to fund another type of real estate investment.

Whatever your reason for sale is, Cash Home Buyer Florida can help! We buy rental properties in any condition from tired landlords anywhere in the State of Florida. We buy rental properties with or without tenants in place. We buy single family rental properties and multifamily rental properties. We buy Section 8 rentals. We have extensive experience in purchasing rental properties from tired landlords. We can also assist you if you’re looking to cash out and buy other types of investment properties using a 1031 Exchange through our sister company Patton Investment Properties

If you’ve reached the end of your rope, are ready to get sold and move on with your life, then complete the form here or give us a call at 1-800-548-8880

Cash Home Buyer Florida

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